2019 Sellersburg Budget

2019 Sellersburg Budget

Sellersburg controls a maximum budget of around $3.5 million per year. This amount is collected by the property tax levy and miscellaneous fees (such as the trash/sanitation charges.) Here’s a link to our 2019 approved budget and allocations:
Every year since I have been on the council, I have requested budget sessions with department heads. We go line by line every year!

Our town has a relatively small budget for our population! Out of the $3.5 million we budget each year, $1.65 million goes to salaries. An additional $600,000 goes towards employee benefits. $2.25 million – 65% of the town’s budget – goes towards salaries & benefits for our essential workers, like our police!

Of the remaining $1.25 million – it has to be allocated between paving, road maintenance (salt removal, etc), the parks/pool, and asset purchase/maintenance.

Just to give an example of how far that budget can go, the necessary emergency egress for the Lakeside neighborhood, Butler Rd, cost the town $160,000 to pave. The drainage project at Shirley Ave (Carmerica) has cost over $600,000. We purchased a new $250,000 trash truck at the beginning of this year.

The state sets the maximum levy that can be gathered from property taxes. Outside of instituting a new cum cap tax, we cannot “raise” taxes to make the improvements people expect. In addition to the state’s maximum levy limit, there are also the property tax caps/circuit breakers (1% for residential, 2% for farm and rental, 3% for commercial & industrial). https://www.in.gov/dlgf/files/2019_CircuitBreaker_Clark.pdf

Politicians can promise lots of things. The reality is, the budget is finite. In order to spend in one place, the money has to be taken from somewhere else. The only other option is DEBT. That is the “progressive” way!

If you’d like to verify or review the budget, you can find our budget online at: https://gateway.ifionline.org/report_builder/

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