The residents of Sellersburg District 1 honored me by electing me to the town council in 2015. Since that time, here are a few of the things that our board has accomplished that make me the most proud.

* We have over $700,000 in our rainy day fund. We have discussed using this for 31 improvements (nice street lights, etc) when the state repaves this road. Another idea discussed is building a new town hall, or renovating the police department and moving town hall there.

* Every year we have budget sessions with our department heads and go line by line on the budget to ensure we are maximizing taxpayer dollars and not over spending.

* We have received over $1 million dollars in Community Crossings grant monies that have allowed significant paving around town. This money is a 75/25 grant so it has given us 4x the buying power that we would otherwise have had.

* We have wired our town hall for live-streaming our town council meetings. I love the transparency this brings! Let me know if you agree!

* We have upgraded a lot of software the town uses. We upgraded the website the first year I was elected. We have also upgraded the software in the billing office which was done for the ability to accept credit card payments.

* While I haven’t been directly involved in the parks department, I am proud of what they’re accomplishing. We’ve increased their budget yearly to allow for the citizen outreach this unit allows.