Does Clark County have a revenue problem or a spending problem?

Does Clark County have a revenue problem or a spending problem?

From the News & Tribune:

If Rodden wins in mediation against the county, the mandated tax rate to pay for the judgment bonds the county would have to issue would likely be the largest in county history.

In 2011, tax rates outside of the county’s budget levy were imposed to collect $2 million for the courts and $1.2 million for the sheriff’s department to cover budget shortfalls. Another tax rate to collect $2.855 million for the sheriff’s office was mandated in 2013.

A property tax rate of about $150 per $100,000 assessed valuation would be needed to raise $6 million. Mandated tax rates are limited by circuit breaker tax caps, and would affect up to 50 percent of the county.

I disagree with democrat John Perkins:

“You keep coming back to that same thing,” Perkins said. “There is just not enough money to do what needs to be done.”

Clark County collected a total of $100 million in property tax revenue in 2012. Clark County’s TIFs collect 17% of our property taxes. The county general (where the sheriff’s budget comes) collects just under 12% of our property taxes. What kind of money are we talking about? TIFs in Clark County amass a total of $18 million. The sheriff claims he may need up to $6 million.

See the issue here? We absolutely do bring in enough money, we just do not prioritize it correctly. Our local city and town elected officials have decided “economic development” is more important than the county’s essential services. The money stays in the TIFs instead of passing through to the various taxing districts.

How does it impact you? Well because of TIFs in Clark County, West Clark schools lose out on an additional $700,000 a year. Clarksville Community schools lose out on $1.4 million. And now we see the impact they have on the county with a potential $6 million dollar mandate.

If you’d like to understand more about TIFs feel free to ask. It’s a topic I am highly passionate about! Thankfully, we have a great state senator, Jim Smith, who is looking out for Clark county citizens on this topic as well!

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2 Comments on "Does Clark County have a revenue problem or a spending problem?"

  • Jack & Debby Wininger says

    Thank you for the info, I suspected as much! Clark County is so full of the buddy buddy system that they vote on issues and money the same way!. Their system isn’t working and needs to be addressed by someone not in that you scratch my back mentality. The prosecutors and Judge that let Rick Pyke walk with 60 charges because NONE OF US were notified of his sentencing hearing! We didnt even get to make a victim impact statement or say how he had done so much and stolen so much from our family because the prosecutor’s office notified no one! Things like that shouldn’t happen! Everyone involved should be notified! That’s why we don’t trust anything about Clark County’s justice system and the headlines recently have only verified it. I wish you luck if your walking into this system!

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