Form-11: Notice of Assessment

Form-11: Notice of Assessment

Everyone in Clark County should have gotten a Form-11: Notice of Assessment this week. I’ve been getting calls and emails from people asking what they should do. I figure now is a good time to explain a few things.

First, if your assessment is within a range of where you would list your house for sale if you were to put it on the market, then it is probably a fair assessment. I know no one likes to pay higher taxes, but our system in Indiana is based on fair market value-in-use.

Another thing I’d like to remind people is that because of our state’s property tax caps, so long as you have a homestead exemption filed on your home, the most an increase will impact you is 1%. It will most likely be less due to the percentage calculations of the homestead exemption. So if your assessment went up $5,000 – well the MOST it will cost you on taxes is $50, for the year: $25 more each installment.

If you do think your home is way over-assessed, by all means file the Form-130 mentioned on your notice and take it to the courthouse. Form 130 Download

If the assessment went up more than 5%, the burden of proof is on the assessor. IBTR Notice

Just thought I’d try to help out the rush to the assessor’s office and calm some people down before they spend more in gas money to get downtown than what they’ll save by appealing. I bet they were busy today!

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  • Penne Blair says

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